Thailand based Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions are required to increase operations growth, cost reductions and quality improvements.

About us

Being driven for more than ten years by our customers demands for tailored solutions, we cover a wide range from simple systems to fully automated lines to fill gaps. We build what you need and what is the best solution for you. We observe the automation developments all over the world but look at it with Thailand manufacturing glasses means we understand your daily challenges you fight in Thailand manufacturing and seek the best solution for you as we want to help you in the best possible way.

Manufacturing Solutions Overview

Production Automation
Production Automation

Different solutions are being provided like robotic solutions to fill the need of highly flexible systems containing cobot solutions as well as traditional industrial robot solutions. Additionally where higher output demand or special applications defined the best problem solution semi-automated and fully customized machines are used when they qualify as the best option.
In combination of both technologies this allows to use the best solution at the best location.

Research & Development
Research & Development

As a result of the multi industry knowledge and valuing the requirements for confidentiality and trust we are also selected in developing cutting edge processes when us as additional resources benefit our customers development.

Packaging, Transport & Storage
Packaging, Transport & Storage

As a result of higher automation often flexible packaging, transport and storage are an additional demand for a competitive production so it became part of the package gerenga provides to our customers to provided the best solutions.

Production Management
Production Management

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are often desired solutions for the business advantage they provide. Already covering the automation of core processes and transports it is an easy next step for adding on business intelligence with a trusted partner for multi-brand machine and equipment with the customer factory.

Training Solutions
Training Solutions

To support the education on the university site as well as the industrial site a wide range of training as a service as well as training systems as hardware were developed to support knowledge growth and independency.

gerenga Capabilities

In the effort of being the go to partner, beside the direct automation solutions additional services and the retail of products was added over time. We strive to deliver great service and products which grew over time to have project independent services as well as products as part of our options.

Our Expertise

  • Automotive Automotive
  • Aerospace Aerospace
  • ElectronicsElectronics
  • Jewelry Business Jewelry Business
  • Food Industry Food Industry

Project Reference

Based on mostly confidential projects we are limited in which solutions we can show as well as in some cases we have to provide an abstract representation of the solution to protect our customers interest which is our highest priority.

Robotic Stamping Solution

A majority of application are in loading and unloading of semi-automated machines as historically customers grew from manually operated to partially or fully automated systems.

Robotic CNC Machine Loading & Unloading

A majority of application are in loading and unloading of semi- automated machines as historically customers grew from manually operated to partially or fully automated systems.

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Your success is our success so if you are in need of your tailored solution or require German Engineering and Automation please feel free to contact us.

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We are always looking for great individuals to become part of our team. Please check our direct vacancies here but also feel free to just send us your individual application. As we match the best solution for our customers, we also match the best people with the best tasks and it may not only be a published position. Take the chance!