“We cover a wide range of solutions to fit the needs”

01 Production Automation

As a small and simplified version please see how production automation can mean upgrading existing equipment and control systems, using robots as flexible handling systems and customer built machines to cover new processes.

Not covered in this video is the full system control and tracking which in this case covers the jewelry manufacturing which we are supporting since 2016 and allows multi line controls which increase the overall production quality and output.

gerenga supports you on your automation projects with the best overall solutions.

We understand your demand for easy to use, easy to maintain, investment value and flexible systems. This is why gerenga added very flexible cobots to its portfolio. Our robots can be programmed with less than one hour of training and allow different safety solutions.

02 Research & Development

Over time we started to develop new processes with or along our customers to be always on their side as a valued partner.

One of the biggest value we bring to the table is the use of technologies like cobots and 3D printing technologies beside our experience to develop and test processes faster and more efficient.

Once the process is defined it may stay a cobot or robot solution or transition into a semi or fully automated machine or line.

03 Packaging, Transport & Storage

When the automation is done for the core processes a typical demand is the flexible supply of materials on the shopfloor to and from the machines and lines. With technologies like smart WIP storage solutions (small sizes ASAR systems) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) as well as cobot solutions beside traditional methods gerenga can support the next step of development here as well.

04 Production Management

Production management has many levels in gerenga we focus on the shopfloor supporting technologies like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

In easier cases a certain level of production transparency is required similar to traditional methods but up to date technology or the actual centralized or decentralized control and improvement of the production environment is the target.

Product lead time demands are getting faster and faster so the decision making process has to follow this trend to stay competitive which can range from faster access to information, a better quality of information or direct decentralized proactive systems.

05 Training Solutions

In support of skilled labor we provide of the shelf training solutions as well as customized trainings on the available technologies.

As a simple approach for the typical automation project we designed a small compact training station for real life application which can be used for automation development as well.